AMG Competition

The DJ & Artiste Semi Finalist Winners
Will Receive 2000 USD & move to the Final Competition

1st Prize – 20,000 USD
2nd Prize –  10,000 USD
3rd Prize – 5,000 USD

About AMG Competition

Aneue Music Group LLC is asking each participant “Can you move the crowd & motivate the people?” and reap the benefits of being rewarded with an unforgettable experience? AMG Competition’s main focus is bonding the DJ / Artist with the audience to create a memorable experience & relationship. Each artist will be afforded up to 5 minutes and each DJ up to 7 minutes to uniquely move the crowd. AMG will stress to each competitor that communication & connecting with the crowd are essential tools to a successful entertainment experience.

Aneue Music Group

Aneue Music Group Jamaica/US/Ghana was birthed on the premise of creating opportunities and educating talents about the business of music. Aneue Music Group DJ / Artist Competition is an opportunity that allows each parish to compete locally throughout Jamaica. AMG’s (Aneue Music Group) goal is to invest in the creative talents of Jamaica. It is important to AMG that we educate, cultivate & support the musical and creative talents in the island. The Reggae / Dancehall genre is a trillion dollar business that has created a lifestyle which has influenced all continents and cultures across the world. Aneue Music Group LLC Jamaica recognizes that globally no place exist & has not been influenced by Jamaica’s vibrant culture & music.

Instructions how to Apply

Judging points


Throughout the decades, artists and DJs tend to either mock the style of an artist or copy the same music format of a DJ/Selector. We want to see how you can change that repetitive style by creating your own unique delivery to the audience. Its all about branding your unique self as opposed to imitating others. Its important to pull the audience and have them indulge in your world.


The genre of music is reggae/dancehall however you can mix other genres of music to get your vibe across. It’s all about creating that experience so the audience will always want to hear you and follow your events. An outstanding following is everything.


This is the most important part of the competition! The crowd will respond the way you want them to if its original, the music is good and if you have skills. Each part is vital. All of these skills combined should have you at the point of moving the crowd, getting everyone into the groove and festively ready for partying.

SKILLS - 25%

Elements considered in the skills category:

Mixing: arrangement & sequence of music, flow & pacing of the set, timing of transitions (beat matching, fading, etc).

Live Editing of the Music: including (but not limited to) beat juggling, scratching, musical use of cue points.

Reading the Crowd: How the DJ adapts to the crowd during the performance.

Overall Presentation: How the DJ combines these skills with their music selection in a balanced manner.


1. For anyone applying from USA. Canada or UK, please purchase your application on Eventbrite first (click here) & take a snapshot of your receipt. Then come back to Apply for the Competition.
2. For anyone applying from Caribbean Countries like Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, St Lucia, St Vincent, Grenada, Guyana, please go to Sagicor Bank & deposit 35 USD to Aneue Music Group with Account Number 5503633452 & take a picture of the receipt. Then come back to Select Your Parish.
3. Before you proceed to Select Your Parish, make sure you have the following complete:
a.) The snapshot of your Payment Receipt.
b.) Save your Audition Video as [YourEmail_YourCountry_DJorArtist]. For eg. abc@gmail.com_jamaica_dj



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